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OLD Fashion Brokerages..BE GONE!

DONE are the says where real estate brokerage build millions off the backs of their hard working agents.

STOP! Have you been tricked into partnering with an Old Fashion model of brokerage? STOP signing over your business for the one way accountability street of old fashion brokerage have MANY options! If you are a Realtor and you know YOU are the business owner and the reason clients to business with you call me today! Direct 908-209-9277.

Watch this quick video to see if what you believe to be true is all a lie!

Are you an Empire Builder? No Really?

It seems these days the word “EMPIRE” is being slung around like the sesame street word of the day.  While I LOVE the word and believe in building your empire, I think we need to chigitty check ourselves before we wreck ourselves.

  1. What does Empire Builder mean to you?
  2. Why do you want to build an Empire?
  3. Are you taking territory… (market share)?
  4. Do you have Active & Passive income streams?
  5. You are your 5 wealth determiners
  6. If the internet was erased tomorrow, what would you have built that would not disappear?

If you are ready to take your real estate job to a Career, to a business to an Empire fill out this quick form here for a complimentary consulting session. Learn what you can do RIGHT NOW to take the next step towards being an Empire Builder!

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Be the BOSS of Your Inbox

DE-Clutter Your INBOX – A few tips on How To be the BOSS of your Inbox!



Alter Ego

Make a Call

Run your life be Design NOT Default

Permission Granted





My Personal Reflection 2016-2017

2016 Reflection…2017 Vision

Oh my..where to start!

You can Only Give From Overflow.


I have spent the past few years giving from my core which only resulted in giving pieces of me away…and I need All my pieces!

This year is the Year of Me. To create and nourish an abundant overflow that I can give from…to my Husband, My Son, My Family, Friends, My Career and as silly as it might sound, the world! We are each one of us so powerful, there are no neutral conversations. We are either building one another up or tearing each other down (sometimes with the best of intentions).

Delayed Gratification. 2016 was a real lesson in NON instant gratification for me. I invested a significant amount of time and money into myself as far as personal growth & investment opportunities. There were many months that I was sliding in by the skin of my teeth..almost all of my income was ACTIVE and there were sacrifices just pay basic bills. Truthfully I did make some splurges courtesy of my Neiman Marcus card which worked against my goal of being debt free however towards my goal of being fabulous. I have tripled my 2017 personal PASSIVE income goal from 2016.  I will achieved this via multiple passive income streams (want to learn more…just ask me).



Happy Girls Are The Prettiest Girls (thank you Audrey Hepburn). Health wise, I WILL achieve my goal weight in a healthy sustainable way…I am no longer willing to be a broken record of weight-loss..My Skin…my gosh..I have to thank Jenna Davie for introducing me to the amazing R+F products and all of the wonderful woman (and men) involved.   I turn 40 in a few weeks and the fact that people randomly say, your skin looks great and last night my son said “Mommy, you have Long eyelashes”…the feeling is priceless and a gift that every man and woman should have. To feel comfortable in your own skin…that is Peace.

My Spirit Guide.  My self, my inner me, the one I cannot hide from or lie to, the one I have at times neglected the most.  I fed my physical body in an attempt to accomplish feeding my spirit, quick fixes of gratification that only accomplished quite the opposite.   This year I have created a sacred space for myself to reflect, meditate and heal. My mediating Buddha represents my day of birth Thursday,  my amazing bio mat, my beautiful handmade Mala beads from  Trikona Designs and the world of available meditations on my iphone.

Together We Achieve More.  I am honored to lead our amazing Keller Williams Clinton office.  It is a platform unlike no other and I have taken it on as my duty to build upon that platform daily.  I am surrounded by a strong, diverse team and we work passionately to support the amazing agents that have chosen us at their partner in their Real Estate business. We are all lead by the amazing KPG leadership/ownership group…when you talk about standing on the shoulders of giants, well I have been giving a ladder right up to those very shoulders.

They’ve Changed My Life & They Don’t Even Know My Name.  In this digital age of information almost ANYONE can be your mentor, teacher & coach.  Just Google them, watch their videos, sign up for their notifications, read their books, go see them speak and enroll in their coaching where offered and it makes sense for you. My personal favorites.. Marie Forleo, Brandon Buchard, Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins & John Maxwell  and how can I forget my quote loving #bossbabe!


2017 is an EPIC year…MY EMPIRE BUILD is Well On Its Way! Looking forward to sharing an amazing year with all of you!  Please comment with YOUR reflections and goals!

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Achieve What Matters In 2017

Now is the time to reflect and plan! Here is a great little eBook to get your creative juices flowing.  Remember success leaves clues and you cannot go wrong with insight into what these awesome though leaders do to prepare for their most successful year ahead!

Achieve What Matters in 2017:
The 8 Strategies Super-Successful
People Are Using Now to Accomplish More Next Year

Jam-packed with exclusive insights from:
Dave RAMSEY  (check out is $10 sale…great gifts!)
Marie FORLEO (one of my personal fav!)
John MAXWELL (check out the current awesome book sale and Free Leadership toolkit)
Chris BROGAN (sign up for a great weekly newsletter)

and 20 other HUGELY successful entrepreneurs and leaders

THANK YOU to Michael Hyatt for making this Available!

Download Your Free eBook


Need Help Finding Direction, Clarity, a Place to Start?  I’m here to help! Email me today – Subject Line “2017 My Best Year Ever”


Breaking Bad….Habits


Loved This Article from Archetypes Today..

4 Effective Ways To Break Any Bad Habit

1.) Change your environment

2.) Have a substitute habit

3.) Surround yourself with the right people

4.) Take it in small steps

Click Here To Read The Full Version

Want To Hear More On HABITS?  Check out the Minute with Maxwell on the word HABIT


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