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Oh, One Thing..Change Your Habits

As I prepare for the C.A.R. (Clarity, Actions, Results) Workshop on July 7th My Focus this week turns to Habits.

I am currently on day 9 of my newest 66 day challenge – FORM THE HABIT OF 30 MIN A DAY EXERCISE & JOURNALING.

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So What Is Bitcoin?

Dont Look Like A Dumby At Your Next Dinner Party or Office Meeting when “Bitcoin” comes up in discussion!

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Be the BOSS of Your Inbox

DE-Clutter Your INBOX – A few tips on How To be the BOSS of your Inbox!



Alter Ego

Make a Call

Run your life be Design NOT Default

Permission Granted





The WHY and The HOW

The One Thing & The Millionaire Real Estate Agent

Discover the MYTH of Multi tasking, Uncover your WHY and then Identify the Model and Systems that are proven to get you to your goals!

It might not be EASY, However it IS Simple!

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Be Energizing ~ Limit the B.S.

It’s energizing to be around someone who has a positive outlook on life.  Merely observing an animal or a child experiencing an unclouded life is enough to warm our hearts, bring a smile to our face and be reminded that living a Big life is found in celebrating the small joys.

Here’s the thing though, as powerful as the small joys are they do not come with flashing neon lights and a hand to slap you in the face to say “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee”!  If you are not careful you will miss them all together.


Protect your brain space.  Ask, what am I feeding my head, heart and soul?  What media are you eating? Is it filled with sadness, destruction, death & fear, sprinkled with a funny cat video?  What does the company you keep sound like?  Does it sound like complaining, whining, victim language set on repeat with no desire to take action on a real positive change?

Wake up to your OWN life. Do you wake up to your Facebook feed or your email inbox?  If the answer is yes, consider  This is waking up without a purpose, this is waking up in default to everyone else’s life.  There is zero power in living in default and zero chance of living the life that leads to a legacy. leave-a-legacy

Ignorance is certainly not bliss.  I am not suggesting that you be oblivious to the world, to the real plight that weighs heavy on earthly beings. I am however urging you to gauge how much “news” you are taking in, to have a limit on listening to Bullsh** both from the media and the people in your life. Shine the spotlight on your own language and behavior…ever take the no complaint challenge?  Go for it…check out Tim Ferriss’s blog for the guidelines…I bet you’ll be surprised at the crap that comes out of your brain and then your mouth.

Getting present to your own behavior is a present that only you can give yourself and truly it’s life changing for you and everyone around you..even your pets! 

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Achieve What Matters In 2017

Now is the time to reflect and plan! Here is a great little eBook to get your creative juices flowing.  Remember success leaves clues and you cannot go wrong with insight into what these awesome though leaders do to prepare for their most successful year ahead!

Achieve What Matters in 2017:
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Jam-packed with exclusive insights from:
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and 20 other HUGELY successful entrepreneurs and leaders

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The Year of ME

So I have officially declared 2017 as the year of ME. I know that this is the most powerful attractive place to operate from which will allow me to be the best I can be for everyone around me.  So this comes with no apologies or further explanation.

It seems to me that I am having more and more conversations with strong woman who are on the journey of embracing their feminine power #bossbabe #notyourgrandmasfeminist #mamagena.

From The Motivation Manifesto  “We must not worry about what could go wrong but rather wonder what magnificence could enter our lives when we are consistently expressing our genuine selves and pursuing our true passions.  Let us obsess about freedom, not fear.” 

I first found out about Mama Gena from Marie Forleo (love her) and then discovered a well respected friends wife actually went through the mastery.

The weekend experience happens to fall on the weekend before my 40th Birthday (whaaaat. when did 40 years go by) in NYC. Yesterday I registered (no cost) …I would love to share this experience…check out the link below..if interested let’s connect!

Learn More About the Experience


Handcuffs Don’t Belong In Real Estate

In my position with Keller Williams I like to say  “with us there are no Golden Handcuffs”, we don’t have contracts that tie you into our brokerage, if we aren’t delivering value to our agents on a high level they are free to pick up there entire book of business and align themselves with another brokerage. The agents listings are signed over to their new broker at no penalty, there is no “override” payback due to us and if you there is a contract set to close the agent will still get paid their due commission.  The agents in our office are happy and productive and they choose to be with us because they are having success and they Want to be here!

Why Why Why would an agent, a business owner sign a contact that is so one sided, holds them into a brokerage regardless of what support or value is being provided and then punishes them monetarily should business dip or they decide the brokerage is not the right place for them?
 Before Keller Williams there were not many options, mostly lateral moves to brokerages that all had their perks however represented pretty much the same business model.  The broker makes their money off the agents backs while the agent brands the brokerage not themselves and essentially builds nothing of residual income or sustainable profit.
GONE are the days that brokers should be building their brokerages off their agents backs, should the broker benefit, absolutely! Enter Keller Williams and the MREA business model, there is a reason why more agents choose KW over every other option out there. If you are reading this and you are a Realtor or know someone who is, it is time to learn about the KW Difference.  The time is Now, I promise you.
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Secret Weapon – Time Blocking

Parkinson’s Law, the idea of which is that work will simply expand to fill the time available for its completion.

Time blocking helps you to make the most of your work day  and your well rounded life by assigning specific tasks to specific (and flexible) blocks of time.

How to Kick off your Time Blocking

Year at a Glance – Pull out your favorite planner or electronic calendar and get the most important items in place first!

True Life Note:  I love my gmail calendar because its easy to share and best of all you can COLOR CODE!  Color Coding lets you see your work/life balance (or lack there of) at a quick glance.  If you love your physical paper daily planner, go for it…grab some pencils, highlighters and markers!

sample real estate calendar

Ready, Set…Let’s Go!

1.) Start with events that cannot be moved like birthdays, annual conventions and holidays.  Since the dates are steadfast these items go in first.  I also include childcare in this block if I am the one responsible for getting them to or from school/child care on specific consistent days.

2.) Next, it’s time to schedule your vacation time.  How many weeks do you want to take off in 2017?  Go ahead and block that time next.  STOP – do not skip this step, even if you think it’s not going to happen, block the time now!

3.) Now it’s time for date night, family/friend time and your YOU time. Workouts, Dinner with Friends or your love, hiking trips, walking the dogs, reading, mediation, celebrations.

True Life Note: All work and no play makes me a no fun, stressed out girl!  For years I would dare to put personal time on my calendar only to fill it with a client showing or paperwork,  emails, voicemails…you catch my drift. I told myself, I’ll work hard now and play harder “soon”.  Even active child birth labor didn’t keep its shining spot on my calendar as I proceeded to negotiate a contract for one of my listings upon administration of an epidural.  I didn’t take care of myself, my body and if I am being honest I wasn’t present for the most important people in my life, my family. I knew about time blocking and frankly my brain just said “yeah sounds great, but that won’t work for my life, my clients, my schedule”.  I had no one to help guide me or hold me accountable, that is why I am now so passionate about mastering it (yes, it’s an ongoing process) and helping my clients reap the rewards of time blocking in their life.

4.) Last and certainly Not least, input Your ONE thing with work. If you are in real estate or sales your ONE thing is 100% hands down, argue all you want, cry scream and carry on and it still ain’t gonna change … LEAD GENERATION!


True Life Note:  If you ERASE you must REPLACE.  I get it, life happens!  To believe that nothing will ever change in our calendar is just not realistic and actually sounds quite boring to me.  The basic rule of thumb is if you have to remove a time block you must insert it somewhere else. There are going to be weeks were you are heavy on the work side and others were you are heavy on the personal side, that’s ok!  Just make sure you are always conscious of counter balancing.  My second tip is to LEAVE WHITE SPACE.  There is such a thing as over time blocking!  Time block your breathing room by leaving white space between tasks!

Time Block Reactive Work!

A lot of your work is reactive, emails, phone calls, got a minutes.  You may think this method won’t work for you, I challenge you to just TRY it. By assigning blocks of time to reactive work, you will avoid the daily game of task Ping-Pong when you’re at work.


If you are like me, you have about 20 tabs open, Facebook Chiming in, an office window to the world with all sorts of shiny objects and you find yourself stopping and starting the same task multiple times before completion. Blocking out time is all well and good in theory, but if you don’t stick to the principles in practice, you’re bound to fail. If you’re settling in for a couple of hours of deep work with a Facebook tab open, your phone ready and willing to accept calls, and your colleagues feeling like they can interrupt you at any moment, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Make sure people know they shouldn’t disturb you when you are doing your ONE thing.  Put a sign on your office door,  sign out of social media, close all unneeded tabs, and concentrate on the task at hand for the time period assigned to it. You’ll often be surprised at how much you get done!


Tip:  Use a chess clock to calculate how much time you actually work on your task during the time block.  You may be very shocked to see that your hour time block for calling your sphere actually only adds up to 10-15 minutes of talk time. What would your business look like if you could double that?  It’s not about working harder, or sacrificing more time, it’s about efficiency!

Perform Reviews & Find an Accountability Partner

At the end of each week or month perform a review of the different goals you’ve been working on to see if your time blocking approach is working for you. This will also help you discover what tasks you need to assign more time blocks to. This is the only real way you’ll know how to effectively assign your time. During a review, ask yourself the following questions for each project:

1. What have I accomplish since the last review?
2. What tasks need completing before the next review?
3. At which stage am I at with each of my goals?

4. How does my life/work counter balance look?

With this overview, you’ll be in a much better position to make decisions for the future!

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