Anyone who knows me know I have an affinity to helping animals.  Amongst our crew of critters are our 4 Dogs…yes, I know!  Between the tumble weed of dog hair and dog food bills is the never ending well of unconditional love.  So here is a quick post dedicated to the fun things only a Dog Lover Can Buy or even Understand! (Click on the pics to grab these goodies for yourself)

 My dogs think I am pretty darn amazing

Rescue is so needed…there are some AMAZING dogs marked to die this very moment…Get up, get out and go to your local rescue to see if you next best friend is there waiting for you!  If you haven’t checked out Death Row Dogs in NY click their links here..

OMG…the endless vacuuming… I’ll take 3 please….

Our GSDs LOVE these Balls! Just don’t leave them alone to chew as they will rip the string right out. So easy to throw!

…. Because you have to be able to laugh at it all!