It’s no secret that I work as a Team Leader and Business Coach with Keller Williams.  There is a reason (well many) that I chose to close down a successful brokerage and 15 years of selling Real Estate and make the leap to this amazing company.  Hands down Keller Williams is about the AGENT, hence the title “Agent-centric”, agents are treated like partners, stakeholders and most importantly Business owners!

Every successful real estate agent operates on a level of natural talent,  hut-spa, get up and go and the mindset of “I will not be stopped”.  With all that passion and talent we tend to be great at the big picture stuff and suck at the details, especially when business really starts to happen.  In order to break through and move from Entrepreneurial to Purposeful (stop flying by the seat of your pants) you are going to need some help.  A coach will be your best asset when you come to this juncture and you will need to set your sites on a talented assistant.

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Keller Williams is built to help YOU the business owner build Your team! It starts with YOU taking the KPA (Keller Personality Assessment) that we then verify together and identify strengths and areas that will need support. Second, we work with you to identify your bench of talent so you can make the best hire for you. A dedicated assistant is the absolute first hire! Think you can’t afford it? The right assistant pays for themselves 10x over not to mention giving you the ability to get your life back! Many agents build a huge business just working off that team structure…if you are ready to take it to the next level we are looking for a buyers agent, another admin or perhaps a showing assistant! Is your head spinning already? We LOVE partnering with you to build your Real Estate business! Ready to crush your 2017 goals and get refocused on what makes you the best you by gaining leverage? Let’s connect and I’ll show you what’s possible!

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