1. The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

We all have an image that comes to mind with the word “Success”.  A person of power, a luxury item, a smiling family, and overflowing bank account or an overflowing heart perhaps.

Success is a feeling inside of you, a celebration of accomplishment, the quiet internal knowing that you created an outcome in this world that you are proud of.

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You cannot BUY this feeling…there is no internet site, store or infomercial that offers a bottle of Success all wrapped up in a neat little package.

Well, maybe there is an infomercial offering Success for the low price of $19.95 paid in 5 monthly installments with a bonus of Happiness if you act now…trust me on this one…Save your money.


Success is ever changing.  Success is not a destination, I don’t believe there is an end point of success, at least not truly fulfilled success.   Rather then one final destination I believe we achieve points of success throughout our lives, our journey. While I believe it’s important to celebrate each accomplishment (really stop, acknowledge and honor those moments) to be fulfilled in success there is always a next level of attainment.  This isn’t about not being happy with what you have, rather a mind set of success that drives our heart and our soul to explore what is next.

Success is whatever you make it.  The beauty of this life is that we get to sleep every night with a dream and wake up with intention and a purpose every morning.  You do this everyday whether you realize it or not.  The question is, are you going to make your life powerful and by design or give your power away and live in default?


To me success is the laughter of my son, the love in the embrace of my husband, the people around me getting bigger, not smaller, the warmth in the undercoat of my horse, my dogs asleep at my feet, the random thank you note from a stranger who was inspired by something I posted, the ability to choose what I want to do every day and the knowing that happiness is a choice. The feeling of success inside of me is mine, because I earned it and work for it every day.  I am far from perfect, from the outside there are many flaws that one could point out should they choose to expend the energy…and you know what…I am OK with that because my success and happiness depends solely on me.

Do more of what makes you HAPPY and less of what Doesn’t! Release what no longer serves you and move forward in kindness to yourself and everyone around you.  Do this and success is yours!

As always, remember there is a world of support around you..share in the comments below, inspire those around you and feel free to reach out to me direct

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