So I have officially declared 2017 as the year of ME. I know that this is the most powerful attractive place to operate from which will allow me to be the best I can be for everyone around me.  So this comes with no apologies or further explanation.

It seems to me that I am having more and more conversations with strong woman who are on the journey of embracing their feminine power #bossbabe #notyourgrandmasfeminist #mamagena.

From The Motivation Manifesto  “We must not worry about what could go wrong but rather wonder what magnificence could enter our lives when we are consistently expressing our genuine selves and pursuing our true passions.  Let us obsess about freedom, not fear.” 

I first found out about Mama Gena from Marie Forleo (love her) and then discovered a well respected friends wife actually went through the mastery.

The weekend experience happens to fall on the weekend before my 40th Birthday (whaaaat. when did 40 years go by) in NYC. Yesterday I registered (no cost) …I would love to share this experience…check out the link below..if interested let’s connect!

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