In my position with Keller Williams I like to say  “with us there are no Golden Handcuffs”, we don’t have contracts that tie you into our brokerage, if we aren’t delivering value to our agents on a high level they are free to pick up there entire book of business and align themselves with another brokerage. The agents listings are signed over to their new broker at no penalty, there is no “override” payback due to us and if you there is a contract set to close the agent will still get paid their due commission.  The agents in our office are happy and productive and they choose to be with us because they are having success and they Want to be here!

Why Why Why would an agent, a business owner sign a contact that is so one sided, holds them into a brokerage regardless of what support or value is being provided and then punishes them monetarily should business dip or they decide the brokerage is not the right place for them?
 Before Keller Williams there were not many options, mostly lateral moves to brokerages that all had their perks however represented pretty much the same business model.  The broker makes their money off the agents backs while the agent brands the brokerage not themselves and essentially builds nothing of residual income or sustainable profit.
GONE are the days that brokers should be building their brokerages off their agents backs, should the broker benefit, absolutely! Enter Keller Williams and the MREA business model, there is a reason why more agents choose KW over every other option out there. If you are reading this and you are a Realtor or know someone who is, it is time to learn about the KW Difference.  The time is Now, I promise you.
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