These days it seems more and more people I speak with have written off retirement.  For the 482 Realtors I have sat down with over the past 12 months there seem to be two main reasons.

1.) They are building Another Man’s Retirement: They do not see themselves being able to retire..Two  realtors have told me they will die with their current company and another shared her fear of not wanting to die behind the wheel of her car.  Realtors in mass are living commission check to commission check, with no predictability in their income and little to no money to invest, save or build an amazing retirement with.  For agents who have not created their own sustainable business or passive income, the day they pick their last sign up from a yard is the day their last paycheck comes in.  Instead of building their brand and their business as an independent contractor they have spent years building another man brand while the broker builds their retirement off the backs of those very agents.  To this I say NO MORE!

2.) They view retirement as a kind of death.  The word “retire” does not spark visions of pursuing new passions, continued personal growth, serving others or creating new. Instead, people shutter and state…”I’ll never retire, real estate agents don’t retire they just die…right?!”  As if the mere act of retirement stamps a big old “I’m ready to die” on their forehead as they pack a meager bag of belongings into a moth ball smelling overnight bag while the car arrives to take them to the retirement home where they are destined to spend their last moments slurping government pudding through a straw around an out-of-tune piano, recounting their fading memories of greatness in real estate. To this I say STOP IT!

We all deserve to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  We are not destined to die behind the wheel of our car, a trunk of open house signs,  blue blockers on, seat and chest pressed up to the steering wheel, wrinkled hands holding on for dear life.

Maybe it’s the “fruits of our labor” part…we must create something in order to enjoy it.  We must build our future On Purpose, Not By Default.  If we do not build our dreams than someone else will hire us to build theirs.  Now is the time to ask yourself, what fruits am I growing?

Maybe it’s the “deserve” part, many of us do not believe we deserve to enjoy life, to take time, to experience the finer things, take bigger adventures, sit court side, give more or focus on us.  We squander our freedom and time away scurrying around like mice, settling for scraps, overwhelmed, over worked and over “it”.  We surround ourselves with like minded people with whom we commiserate and confirm our self afflicted limiting beliefs and we revel in our “correctness” because we have a tribe of followers to prove it!  Now is the time to ask yourself, do I deserve more and am I willing to take action?

We settle for mediocre, in fact we expect it.  It’s comfortable in mediocre land, or at least it feels that way. The horizon of change, of growth is far off in the distance…detached from who and what we are…it’s for “them” we tell ourselves, not for me.  We tell ourselves, this is enough, I am happy, I can live like this for the rest of my life and it would be OK.


Well listen up is NOT OK. It is not OK to live below your greatness. The world needs you and your gifts, being comfortable does not outweigh the beauty you have to experience and give in this world.  You deserve to thrive, to grow, to explore, to experience and to share your light with the world around you.  You are special, you are YOU and their is only one of you!  Surround yourself with those that lift you up, inspire you, push you and BE that person for someone else. Now is the time to ask yourself, who do I need in my life and who do I need to become to be an asset to their life?

Stop living in default to other peoples desires, whims and schedules.

Become purposeful.

Gain Clarity

Take Consistent Action

Surround Yourself with Greatness

Be Great

Become the person who builds their future, deserves and enjoys LIFE for every worldly moment they are granted.  Life is a Gift.

As always remember we are not on this journey alone. Having a great coach or coaches is the secret to finding and living your life of purpose.  Sometimes we need others to see the greatness in us before we can see it in ourselves.

Everything you need is within you…go find it!