If you follow my blog or Facebook page you know I love Marie Forleo.  I feel compelled to share everything I see from her.  If you believe like I believe and long to live in your authentic self both in personal and business life you are in the right place!

Check out this great Interview with Marie Forleo on Intuition, Ambition, and Grinding It Out – Inside Quest.

One of the coolest things about the internet is the ability to connect with mentors without having to actually Connect with them!  There is so much amazing material available from amazing thought leaders …there for the the taking.  Get your list of MUST FOLLOWs together!  Here are a few of my go-to peeps!

  1. Marie Forleo
  2. Tony Robbins
  3. John Maxwell
  4. Jim Rohn
  5. Les Brown
  6. Tim Ferriss


My #1 Aha from this interview – “Clarity Comes From Engagement, NOT Thought”  Brilliant!

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