I have been totally obsessed with this interview over the past few days and I believe it’s worth your time to have a listen 1 or 10 times.  Anytime I am learning, listening or growing I am thinking how does this apply to real estate, how can I use this to better serve my coaching clients?

Here are my take a ways from this interview from the perspective of a Realtor.

Your Passion – Have you lost the passion that you started real estate with? Do you even remember WHY you decided to become an independent contractor and jump into this world of fun?  Has your WHY changed along the way and you haven’t stopped to reassess?

Leadership – Is not about taking charge, it’s about taking charge of the people in your leadership.  No matter if you are leading your sellers, buyers or a team of agents do you truly have their best interest at heart? Are you working to your full potential to serve them?  Do you think I sound nuts for talking about leadership and serving others in the same sentence?

PAIN is GOOD – Great ideas, actions and life changes start from a place of pain!  If you are in pain right now than awesome news You are poised to make a great change! HINT: you don’t have to do it alone!

What’s Your HOW? – In The “What You Do, How You Do It, Why You Do It” questions posed by Simon Sinek in this interview I have found that most realtors KNOW their What and Why and are really fuzzy on the HOW.  In your head you know HOW, however if you are asked to write it down or teach it to someone else in a clear systematic manner chances are what’s in your head doesn’t translate to paper. Therefore it ALL relies on YOU to accomplish.  You cannot replicate it verbally,  so you cannot teach it to another, therefore you cannot gain true leverage and you are left with working harder, more hours, having the same year over and over again to you eventually exit the business with little more than some past stats and thank you notes to show for it. Is this your legacy?

So back to my HINT: You do not need to survive on an island of entrepreneurship!  If you want to take your survive to thrive, Contact Me for a complimentary Strategic Business Coaching Session. Not in NJ, No Problem..I have a huge network of talented coached across the world and I am here to help point you in Your direction!  TaraStone@kw.com or StoneCoaching@gmail.com  OR Get started HERE