Mornings, the time when I lay there trying not to even breath to loud for I know once even my slightest movement is detected 3 dogs, 2 cats and a 4 year old will synchronize in their “Good Morning” to mommy.

Enter the Miracle Morning…this book is worth the short time commitment no matter who you are and what “story” is currently running through your head.  My personal journey with the Miracle Morning is still one in progress…my commitment to the “Life Savers” is about 2 minutes each culminating in my 12 minute MM.

This is a great book and a great gift to almost anyone..I prefer the original version although it has been published for Real Estate Agents and More.  Hal Elrod is Actually Coming to NJ in about a month…Excuse me while I go grab my ticket!  Interested In Attending?  Contact me for details and a great savings (while it lasts)  on NJ Hal Elrod Event tickets!