A little nugget of insight into my personal coaching…I am always looking at the 5 people in my life and getting around those who can help me achieve my goals.. One of my current focuses is HEALTH..my health..my extra 50lbs to be exact.  While I was busy giving birth (to my gorgeous son) and at the helm of a fledgling real estate brokerage my “balance” was pretty much non existent. Now 4 years later and ocean of personal growth I have finally taken back responsibility for my own health.  A few things I just cannot live without on my health quest… My Peloton…I am officially obsessed with this home bike, seriously I cannot say enough…There is a great video and tons of info on their site..Check Out Peloton

My Infused Water Pitcher…Looks gorgeous in the fridge and on the counter..you will want to drink more just because it’s so dammed pretty. Here is my current Fav Pitcher Prodyne Fruit Infusion Flavor Pitcher.  Some of my favorite Combos – Strawberries & Basil or Mint – Straight up Lemon – Blueberries & Watermelon.  Point is to have fun and try something new!

I am been digging the FitRadio App as of late, haven’t upgraded to the paid version as of yet. Check them out here Fitradio Appor from your phone.

I will delve into this much more in my future posts…its actually an awesome form of accountability for me.  If you are looking to achieve a goal and you want free support…post that baby to facebook and let your friends and followers know you what you want to accomplish, post updates and let them cheer you on and hold you accountable!  Trust me it works!

Go forth and Be Awesome…Remember It’s Your Life..Own It!a year from now.jpg